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Six Level of Communication

Jade Apple Marketing offers strategic BTL marketing services on the basis of employee, channel and consumer. We provide the most appropriate and optimized services through our unique Six Level Service Management system, and manage all projects by sharing the entire process with our clients through our CPS Schedule Management.

Jade Apple Marketing plans any necessary projects not only for spot issues but for long-term businesses. We try to examine and understand inherent issues, based upon which we derive unique ideas and results out of our projects.

Project Planning Management
Here is how it works –
Should you be looking for sparkling ideas, new projects or unique promotions, come to Jade Apple Marketing. We share global cases in the Asia Pacific region. Our network councils comprise about 100 category experts. Based on the analysis of the clients’ current challenges from a number of viewpoints, we plan optimized campaign projects for them.
Budget Management
Of course, we can take care of that!
Any budget needs to be managed properly. Without deliberate control and prediction of expenses, troubles are unavoidable in executing a project for unexpected expenses.
Jade Apple Marketing manages the budget carefully and makes an expenditure plan based on the item-price list. That way, we minimize any extra expenses exceeding the budget and execute the projects within the established budget. We make sure the budget turns into an effective investment instead of simple waste.
II.   Concept Development
This is the “sexiest” part.
After all the brilliant and luxurious visual effects, did you achieve your marketing goals? We take KPI (Key Performance Index) as very important. Once we achieve the goal, we also measure the success of the campaign.
For that purpose, we excavate big ideas with huge success potential and build up a strong concept that will effectively create the value of brand.
Visual Development
Delivering high visual quality.
What would be the most effective way to communicate a concept to consumers? A very strong weapon to help them understand it is “visual identity.”
We develop slogans and visual identities to communicate the concept most effectively. By visualizing them, we help consumers to better recognize our brand and thus improve the value of our brand.
On-Site Communication
We will reach out.
Need help in looking for a cooperator at marketing touchpoints or running a road show or negotiating with clients? We provide our clients with marketing campaign instructions and information at campaign touchpoints. Jade Apple Marketing is maintaining a close relationship with domestic and foreign partners in a variety of areas as well as a system to perform great marketing plans. We are working as a full service marketing agency in a number of areas such as creative designs, visual effects, booths, on-site management, etc.
POST Communication & Evaluation
No boundaries.
We aim to be the best in the world. We can extend the success of the campaign to the whole nation and world. We put our efforts to communicate in connection with media over the limit of the campaign. We can make issues and communicate them beyond the client’s expectations. Besides, we make clear the ROI of the campaign through pinpoint analysis. It enables us to take the qualitative and quantitative measurements of BTL campaigns and feedbacks thereafter and thus to prepare the most cost-effective and systematic budget for the future.